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Located in coastal Hampstead, NC, the front nine takes you out toward the Intracoastal Waterway and back toward the Clubhouse; the back nine ventures you inland and then back toward the Clubhouse forming a giant figure 8 without any parallel fairways.This design offers a sure test in the normally breezy conditions.A Beach Wedding Minister-Weddings of Topsail We are a group of pastors who are passionate about providing ministerial services throughout Coastal North Carolina.Our ceremonies can be civil, religious or spiritual in nature and we do everything possible to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams!Enjoy a short walk up the sandy road or take a longer walk that crosses the dam through the woods along the outflow stream.Take pleasure in the wooden walkway built across the 10 acre pond that connects with walking trails on both sides.

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Abbey Nature Preserve Trail Dedicated to the memory of Margaret Abbey Foy Moore, the Foy family has placed 67 acres of undeveloped land into the Coastal Land Trust.Bellavie Boutique Bellavie (bell-a-vee) is a unique and affordable boutique located in front of the new Neighborhood Wal-Mart in Surf City.Bellavie carries hard to find boutique fashions at reasonable prices.Its is a one stop shop, offering everything from clothing to jewelry to shoes (and monogrammed items too! Belvedere Country Club The golf course at Belvedere has certainly evolved since its conception in the 1970's.Belvedere now features a rare combination of six par threes, six par fours, and six par fives to achieve a par of 72.

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