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Today we’ll be making “toxic masculinity stew.” Yum! CHEF: In a separate bowl, put ht eidea that “the sex” is something held by women.

Panel 2 The chef is stirring some neon green stuff in a pan. We’ll bury these at the bottom of the pot, so no one will ever see them! The slightest thing can make boys feel that this has been shattered! Mix it with the belief that if a man can’t get “the sex” from a woman, one way or the other… Panel 5 From above the pot, we see the chef’s hand holding a shaker (like a salt shaker) and sprinkling neon green specs into the stew.

Panel 3 The chef hold out a neon-green egg towards the viewer. CHEF: Now sprinkle in lots of gear of being soft or gentle or vulnerable.

Above him, we can see what he’s typing – a social media comment, with “his” picture, showing a pretty Black woman, besides the comment.

PANEL 7 A white woman in slacks and a polo shirt sits on a park bench, reading a newspaper (“Daily Opiate”) and speaking cheerfully to the viewer.

WOMAN: Voting for Trump had nothing to do with racism!

CHEF: Simmer for 10-40 years and there you have it… By the time I started college, I was already beginning to think I’d be a writer, not a musician, so when I played piano—which I did for hours each week in the practice rooms at Stony Brook University—I did so only for myself.

I never tried to learn any actual songs, though, preferring the improvised music I made based on what I’d learned in the couple of music theory courses I took, until I started working at Surprise Lake Camp and got involved with the drama program.

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