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On your comment about people liking to buy imported goods, reality is that since carseats are "new" here, the foreign seats DO tend to be better.

We have limitations in most cars (except a few recent and very expensive models) such as not having LATCH or tethering systems.

I could still harness my 4 year olds as far as height and weight (although barely on one of them) AND it is narrow enough to fit 3 across.

It is a carseat that turns into a highback booster, and I liked the head protection on them.

DH is a bit of a jaded ex-pat but he also thinks that a lot of new laws and stuff are going to start popping up in Brazil over the next few years because of all the international attention it will be getting with the Wold Cup and the Olympics. My advice is to buy seats in the US and not worry for a second about them being certified for Brazil.... And whatever seat that would be good for FF with no tether. I would worry more about getting the best car seats to work with the cars there than whether they are certified for Brazil. I have 2 individual seats in the trunk, that I wondered about Nautiluses for my boys, and then the Scenera and Radian, and some narrow booster for my oldest (would a turbo booster fit)?

We'll be going again in March and I'd love to know what they are/what has changed. I'm not familiar with the seats themselves (since we travel with ours) although every time we're down there I make DH hit the baby stores so I can check them out! She's not on here often (1x a month or so) but she used to split her time between here and Brazil...There is a mom who lives in Brazil on another small forum I am a member of. She has family in the States and was just going to get seats the next time she visited here, but apparently Brazil has just passed new laws for car seats and she has to have seats labeled for Brazil now. Her kids: Our kids are- L3- 8 mos old (and 13 pounds but 26" at 3 months when she first emailed me), E2--2 years 9 mos, almost 4, Twins L1 30 pounds, and is 3'3" tall, L2 weighs almost 40 and is 3'7"), and E1 7 years old, weighing 55 pounds, and about 4'7" She just sent me links to this seat: k=83 And the Chicco New Zenith I'm not sure which kid(s) she is looking at these for, so just info on the seats themselves would be helpful.It has nothing to do with making an impression on others, at least in the cases I am aware of.It has to do with knowing that until recently seats were made to use just sitting sideways in the car to hold babies.

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