Dating 40 Kalundborg

In the 18th century income from porpoise catches diminished but in the 19th century, with the establishment of its own harbour in 1836, conditions improved thanks in particular to the growing trade in agricultural products from the surrounding areas.From the mid-19th century small industries started to develop, especially the iron foundry.The new quay C330 (pier length 1100 m / 3600 ft, width 70 m / 230 ft) can accommodate 3 large-size cruise liners at a time.There are 4 buildings - Terminal 1 (quay C331), Terminal 2 (quay C332), Terminal 3 (quay C333) and Terminal 4 (quay C334).Cruises leaving out of Copenhagen comprise 45% of the ship calls.

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After the Swedish Wars in the 17th century the town suffered from losing its foreign export privileges and from competition from Fredericia on the other side of the belt, which not only had a ferry link to Strib but levied customs duties on traffic through the Little Belt.

The new pier has connection points at every 60 m / 200 ft.

The Copenhagen port's Oceankaj cruise terminals project cost around USD 100 million.

The name is considered humorous by English speakers.

It is not known when the town was established but it certainly owes its existence to its location at the narrowest point across the Little Belt.

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