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The WSOP 2009 rules added a new rule prohibiting wearing masks at the table.

On June 2–7, 2010, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Laak set the world record in longest time spent playing poker in a single session. The previous official record, 72 hours and 2 minutes, was held by Larry Olmsted, set at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in 2004.

His feat was witnessed live on streaming video by over 130,000 people.

Rast was born November 8, 1981 in Denver, Colorado where he lived until 1990 when he moved to Poway, California.

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The tournament was entitled "Phil Phil" because both Phil Laak and Phil Hellmuth were contenders.On April 12, 2012, Laak plays live at The Big Game and mucks a €63,750 winning hand on TV setting a record as the biggest televised poker blunder in history.Amazingly, Laak successfully ends the same poker session as the biggest winner at the table.and sunglasses he wears at the table, making him resemble the forensic sketch of Theodore Kaczynski who was known as the Unabomber.These items were given to him by fellow poker player Gus Hansen.

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