Deal friend dating crush

Does the OP need advice on how to resolve this conflict with his friend?

This is clearly between the two friends, the GF has nothing to do with [email protected] Gateway while I agree that this site is inherently more opinion based than the usual SE site, there are more constructive ways to address your other grievances.

Outside of being fair to him like I said earlier, the onus is on him to understand you and work towards moving on, unless the GF herself has other ideas (but that might require an entirely new question).

One final thing: You mentioned that he said "He didn't want to ruin our new-found relationship." This is important, since it shows he cares enough about you to at least try and suppress how he feels.

You're still in high school, so at some point he'll start to recover as well.

If he's in any way fair to you, then you won't have to actually choose between your GF and your best friend. Unless there are more details that you haven't shared yet, the worst thing you can do right now is to threaten your relationship.

However, the situation is complicated because my best friend, another junior, had a long-time crush on her.

We seem to be really good together, and we make each other happy.

I should have read my friend's feelings more carefully, and looking back there were signs when she and I first started talking. I'm really enjoying getting to know her better, and I'm not sure that breaking up will help the situation anyway.

I know his actions are mostly due to his emotional turmoil.

I think my friend is not stable at the moment, is honestly scaring me, and I don't know what his next action will be.

Try writing more answers and participating in some of the meta discussions rather than throwing stones in the comments section. 8 months isn't a very long time but neither is it short, so unless she's actually talked about it, odds are she hasn't changed her opinion regarding your best friend.

At some point in life you have to start thinking about your own happiness.

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