Did demi lovato dating trace cyrus

: DTrace posted a pic of his ex-gf, Hannah Beth, alongside the following tweet:@tracecyrus: it's crazy how this picture has stayed the background on my phone since before I left for japan. Is it possible to breakup when you were never together with someone and only friends?

Yesterday, he tweeted: @tracecyrus: I just got really confused. Miley, Trace, and their mom, Tish, had a convo on Twitter about Trace and Demi! Tish: It really makes me sad that most people find it so easy to hurt other people. All we can do is shine a light & guide their way back home. If they were easy, they'd call them something else" -16 candles Trace: @mileycyrus haha I love you Miley.

Metro Station front man Trace Cyrus locks lips with a Demi Lovato look-a-like outside Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday night (August 17).

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Now, after a few days of together time, it seems this couple is done making sweet music together (lame pun intended). : )"To which Demi merely replied, "@Trace Cyrus I just got really confused...He told , “I definitely became very, very close with her in the past few months, and it’s something I really wanted to make work…We gave it a shot and that’s all you can do.” WHAT DO YOU THINK about Trace and his Demi Look-A-Like? June 2009 - July 2009Demi and Trace (Miley Cyrus' bro) were together for a brief time in 2009, but called it quits shortly after announcing their relationship. Is it possible to breakup when you were never together with someone and only friends? Thank you for joining us to watch this twitterfauxmance play out. If they were easy, they'd call them something else' - 16 candles" And: "To girls everywhere : expectation without communication equals frustration."Then Trace was all eff this: "I just got really confused...

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