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Jef, as we knew him, died in a Ratel ICV accident while on a practical driving route.

The Ratel was on the downhill side of a mountain pass, and had to move over to the far left of the dirt road to allow a fully laden timber vehicle pass.

Before the men could extricate themselves, their Ratel 90 was hit and destroyed at point blank by a Soviet T-55 tank shell. Information extracted from Avontuur in Angola by Sophia du Preez (J. van Schaik 1989) My father died on 14 September 1985 on my 8th birthday, they day he was suppose to return home from the border. After passing a waterhole near a village his platoon was ambushed. When his mate got to him he told him to leave him and to help the more badly wounded chaps. A terrible accident, where one of the guys accidentally discharged his rifle one evening while all of us were sitting around chatting. Not many people know that Peter Atherton was an amateur boxer of note. n RPG, Grant Clark, nog een, dan Antonie Badenhorst en dan Luit Chris Strydom. Hy haal sy pistool uit en veg met sy linkerhand verder. Barrie's was part of the SWA forces and he along with Tillo von Brandis were send to the SA in 1986 for training.

The tank round penetrated the Ratel through the side door and detonated inside the main ammunition storage container. I am turning 40 this year and always wonder what our lives would have been like if he survived. He died shortly after.: 89072623CK Rifleman Derio Arendse from the 2nd Battalion South African Cape Corps was critically injured in a military vehicle accident on 07 September 1990 and succumbed to his injuries in hospital on 09 September 1990. We tried to stop the bleeding, but the bullet had entered his back, through his chest, and got lodged in his thumb. I regret the fact that Brian Mitchell forgot about Peter. I believe that had Peter not been killed during National Service, he would undoubtedly have ranked among our greatest boxers ever. Aan hulle regterkant is nog groepe besig om vorentoe te beweeg. Die seksie aan die linker flank het vasgeloop in die deel waar die basis se loopgrawe 90 grade wegswaai van die lyn van die aanval. Hierdie toeloop van gebeure sou die lewe van ses jong mans kos. Die eerste om te val was FC van Zyl, die man wat die res van die seksie geinspireer het toe niemand meer lus was nie. Wentzel Marx, Gary Walker, Grant Clark, Antonie Badenhorts sneuwel almal. I have some photos of him that I would like to give to his family.

During the night there was heavy rainfall, in order to relieve himself Barrington walked out of the ambush position in a sotherly direction, on his return to his position and in the pouring rain a comrade mistakingly shot him.The spirit of Foxtrot Company and the bonds between the men of the company strenghthened, we were brothers. A watch was passed on to the next group of 2 and so on.I think Richard completed his shift and handed over the watch to the next group and went to the toilet(which was a common thing to do),however with the rain beating on the trees and bushes,it made for eery,almost disturbing sound.we trained and lived 32 but the fallen where never put on record, just a piss up at buffalo. in southern Angola, a 32 Battalion anti-tank Ratel commanded by 2Lt J. Alves was engaged in combat with FAPLA T-55 tanks, and became bogged down in a muddy shona. Toe die gunner weer om die boom kruip skiet Gert Eksteen hom met sy pistool dood. Hy beweeg terug, waar hy Kapt Meerholz aantref met ? Hy help Meerholz so aba-aba terug na die mediese pos. The tracker told me afterwards we should have shot him. If this is the J Barnard that i served with he was killed at Epupa falls in the Kokoveld(sector 10 ) in May/ June of 1987.Before the men could extricate themselves, their Ratel was hit and destroyed by a T-55 tank, killing all the crew and men aboard the Ratel, including 2Lt Alves and Capt A. Mc Callum, the commanding officer of Foxtrot Company. Met durf en determinasie veg die aanvallers teen die oormag en wen stukkie vir stukkie die stryd. By die mediese pos pluk hy sy middelvinger wat net aan ? He was out on a mine hunt with his team and a CPL Corrai when the buffel in which they were traveling hit a land mine. Both Cpl Barnard and his closed friend Corria were killed.

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