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This feature is both a fun and amusing stuff to read on. Free Membership Subscribing to the site for free has a lot of restrictions.

While it still allows the user to create his own profile account and launch a search, the unpaid member can’t make correspondences, i.e. What’s worse is that sticking to the free site won’t let check out who has been viewing your profile.

The results can be modified to either display the photos only or with the basic profile.

Depending on your preference, you can also launch an instant chat session with other users who are also online as you are.

Initiating the Search Searching is fairly easy with Friends Reunited Dating.

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We have been listening to your feedback and taking all of your comments on board.

Friends Reunited take pride in advertising that it is the friendliest dating site in UK.

This might imply that the site is not just another dating hub, but also an avenue to find a friend, a market which is fully saturated.

Below are some useful answers to some of your most asked questions about the new Friends Reunited site. You view your profile page by clicking on your name, or your profile image located to the top right hand side of the site. Your Schools, Workplaces, Armed Forces and Teams/Clubs are accessible and are listed down the left of every page under the heading ' Public Memories'.

You can access any of your places memories by clicking on its name.

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