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With Augmate, IT teams breathe easier knowing devices conform to internal security policies and protect corporate information while providing a seamless user experience for employees.

The Dopamine network is a decentralized environment that enables data acquisition, data processing, and AI research and application.

Dedicated follower and advocate of healthy lifestyle.

He can think big, express his thoughts in right words and turn words into successful projects. MBA (Sheffield UK); Cornell University, Ithaca, USA); BA, University of West London.

More information is available at t Gizer is a real-time global gaming network that connects gamers, hosts, services, venues and businesses.

It provides the gaming community the opportunity to connect through tournament hosting, service and product listings and brand sponsors all found directly on the platform.

Distributed blockchain ensures total transparency and verifiability of each transaction, including detailed product characteristics, its price structure, relevant circumstances of the sale, as well as reputational profiles of the sale parties.

The Cryptaur ecosystem will be deployed on the Ethereum platform.

He has been a true blockchain evangelist since 2012. Developer of health-related services ECG Dongle and Cardio Cloud.

Algebraix Data is creating a platform on the blockchain that will enable individuals to securely store and monetize their personal data.

The first application will be a secure, permission-based advertising network enabled by the new ALX cryptocurrency where individuals will be paid to view advertisements.

Cryptaur unites these technological innovations and further enhances them with a number of its own proprietary solutions in the realm of social capital management and user rights protection.

Cryptaur is to increase the efficacy of all social interactions by freeing them from all kinds of middlemen and making those interactions immediate, transparent, secure and mutually beneficial.

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