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Nami is a law unto herself and her schedule is very unpredictable, she wanders around the place a lot and won’t be found staying at home all day.

If you don’t marry Nami she will leave the valley at the end of chapter one.

Her diary is at the back of her room, upstairs in the mansion.

elling girl considered to be the most intelligent out of all of the girls, she’s a little quiet and very down to earth.

If you like Nami and want her to like you back, tell her she can do whatever she wants.

Nami often has little observations about the world and the seasons, she prefers the winter.

You won’t actually be able to propose until you have the blue feather which you’ll be given on the first day of Summer.

Nami: 28 years old, bright red hair, light blue eyes.

I had 1 red heart, nothing to give her, spoke to her a lot in her room, checked her diary again and it had gone up to 2 hearts.

Nami cutscene 1: You'll trigger this at 1 red heart.

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