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• A standard set of fonts, matching those most commonly found in Post Script printers: Avan! • The ability to lest screen angles and densities for moire patterns before printing.

• The ability to integrate individual separations into a single full-colour document for accurate colour proofs ott colour printers.

Saxon Publisher or Adobe Type I formats for use in a variety of different applications!

• A powerful Post Script Interpreter featuring the implementation of all of the standard Post Script operators • Support for all Preference* printer*. • The ability to convert Post Script files into a compressed Post Script format for faster output at service bureaus.

Or attach IFF headers to your EPS Files, effectively allowing you to view EPS files on screen!

PRINTING UTILITIES Preview linotronic files for potentially costly errors before sending your output to a service bureau.

RAM) B5000-40 (Price includes 4Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive of VAT) Solid State leisure limited SO Fl NEOON ROAD, IRTHLINBDORQUGHi NORTH ANTS NN9 STZ. Full 24 bit palette control screen, allowing large number of multi coloured ranges. Hi-Res Version ONLY £399.00 3D-Professional from Progressive Peripherals inc - Now renders direct to HAM-E. It now fully supports the HAM-E 24 bit graphics system in all modes. Expect to see this incredible package being used by everyone who is serious about Amiga graphics. 68K Assembler (best seller in USA) OPUS PRO directory maintence programme Spectracolor HAM-E version ( OXXI) Videoscape 3D with Pro-Motion ( OXXI) Art Department ( HAM-E support) Vista Pro ( HAM-E support) HAM-E Workshop by Holosoft Real 3D standard version Real 3D Pro Turbo version ( 24 bit) Imagine ( 24 bit) Professional Page 2.0 ( used to output this advert) When you buy from Checkmate you can be sure that you will get expert advise, with keen prices due to our dedication to one computer range only.

Telephone: (0933) 65D677 IN TER national: * 44 933 65G677 - -- _ f. 3D perspective and AREXX control make complicated animations possible. Third Party Support: HAM-E 24 Bit Graphics System Spectracolor from OXXI - Full HAM-E support. Bo,h prices jnc|(jde Va, power Supp|y cab,es HAM-E Workshop from Holosoft inc. |mage Professional and Paint packages Thi* Advert 'as Laid Out On CDL Upgraded Amiga A 500 Without eelerautr in onl; 4 hour* from Scratch. Only £ 69.00 Interface Design Kit From INOVAtronics. Full Ray Tracing support in all Modes Very Fast rendering speed. We support the Amiga range of computers completely in everything we do.

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