Marriage and dating customs in guatamala

Guatemala City also has tiny Jewish and Muslim communities. Toilets are nearly always Western-style (the squat bog is very rare), with a bucket for your used paper. Public toilets are rare; some are quite well looked after by an attendant who charges a fee to enter and sells toilet paper, others are filthy.

In smart restaurants a ten percent tip is appropriate, but in most places, especially the cheaper ones, tipping is the exception rather than the rule.

By the coast or around a hotel pool, sunbathing in a swimsuit is perfectly acceptable, though it’s best to keep your bikini top on.

Guatemalan men very rarely wear shorts, except on the beach, but foreigners can do as they please without offence – except perhaps to a formal engagement.

Whether you’re clambering aboard a packed public minibus in the country or attending a high-society dinner party in the capital, it’s normal to introduce yourself with a polite greeting of “buenos días/tardes” (good morning/afternoon or evening).

Up in the highlands, if you’re walking a trail or passing through a small village, it’s usual to say hello to everyone you meet.

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The following day, the cemetery erupts into a full fledged celebration, where families bring past family members’ favorite foods and drinks and enjoy the festive tone set by mariachi bands and flowery decorations.

Guatemala is the least Catholic Latin American country.

It’s estimated that approaching forty percent of the population now belong to one of several dozen US-based Protestant churches – for more about this evangelical movement, see Contexts.

Many Guatemalan holidays bring families, communities and visitors together in vibrant celebrations.

Some commemorate historical events, others display religious imagery inspired by Catholicism and indigenous heritage, and all offer some reflection of the country’s rich culture and intriguing past.

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