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If you take vacation time over more than what is accrued and you get fired they will take that our of your final paycheck.

I have worked for 2 other DME companies in the past, both were great, the only reason I am here now is because Lincare bought out the company I work for, so I am stuck here.

He rummaged trough my desk to find anything to reoprt on me.

I covered three countys and averaged 2000 miles a month (at horriable reimbursment ) and was the stand in manager and salesman.

So if you are hired as a driver, thats where you're gonna be until you get fired or quit.

Their benifits are horrible, they only have one insurance plan for you to choose and its very ex$pen$ive.

My final advice-don't do business with Lincare and don't work for them either! Disgruntled employees like you must really bring a ray of sunshine to the clients you care for!

There are several inaccuracies in your lengthy complaint, but you fail to mention if you have tried to resolve any of them by talking to your supervisor.

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Then when they started nosing around in personal stuff that was the final straw.You don't get any paid sick time until you have worked there for over a year, and if you take a sick day, you are only paid 60% your base salary for the day you took.You only accrue 3.08 hours each 2 week pay period as vacation which equates to about 9 days per year, and they want you to give a 30-day notice when you need a vacation day yet they expect you to use all vacation time within the year and will not roll over unused time.You have to use a computer to clock in, you may get to your center before 8 am but by the time you get their computers booted up, you finally get clocked in at 810 then you have to beg your manager to fix your time in which my manager told me, "get here earlier!" Depending on the branch there are only 2 or 3 computers at the branch for 8-10 employees to use, so you have to kick the CSR or RT off the computer if you need to use it, not to mention all of the employees are trying to clock in at 800. Lincare is in the habit of hiring people with zero experience as their center managers and sales reps.

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