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From left, actors Edward Horton, Josephine Hulll and Jean Adair.

Neal Zipser's father is in love, but he isn't happy about his father's romance.

But Zipser hasn't had any sort of happy ending or resolution yet.

His father has given up on flying out to Ghana, said Zipser, but "instead of trying to go there, he's tried to get her to come here." But since his father began suggesting his girlfriend come to see him and sent money for air fare, Zipser said, "she has been taken hostage three times, and another time, she was shot on the way to the airport." That means, of course, Zipser's father has sent money to the hostage takers three times, and then he had to send money for her medical care from the gunshot wound.

Kathy Boyle, president of Chapin Hill Advisors, a financial-advisory and wealth-management firm in New York City, has one such client, an 86-year-old man, "J," whom she can't name for confidentiality reasons.

Both the original play and the movie are based on real crimes against seniors committed in the early 20th century."He met a lady through a dating site, and they started dating, and she became his caregiver.Almost a year later, he found out she had written ,000 in checks out of his account and drained him of all his money," Scott said.Zipser is worried because his dad was talking about flying to Ghana to meet his romantic interest, and he doesn't want his aging father risking his safety by traveling abroad and probably into the hands of con men.Seniors being scammed out of money in the name of love isn't a new problem. "I see it a lot," said Geoff Scott, who is based in Toledo, Ohio, and runs Friends of the Family Home Health Care, which has five offices in Ohio and Michigan.

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