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Turned up at me mam’s house six in the morning, 14 of the buggers. Well, she saw me in a re-run of New Tricks on some German satellite station and, what with Jimmy Savile and all, thought there might be something in it for her. Lifted me on a European Arrest Warrant, shipped me off to Mönchengladbach and stuck me before a court martial, seeing as I was in the Army at the time of the alleged inappropriate wossname like. I still haven’t forgiven the Krauts for the World Cup in Mexico, 1970. FHM, Zoo and Loaded have all ceased their print publications.Campaigners believe this is due to greater awareness of their sexist content. This busty bird was bringing round the steins of lager and she claimed I touched her inappropriately just as we was getting to the second verse of Tomorrow Belongs To Me. You and Thelma were Yuppies even before the word had been invented. I was in this bierkeller and this German fraulein, big-boned, looked at bit like Angela Merkel, said I’d sexually harassed her, historically like. Aye, claimed it happened in 1968, just after I joined up.

The revelation that such publications “normalise” sexism is great revelation at all. Some claim that lads’ magazines encourage sexism; that by removing them from the shelves they can remedy men’s prejudices.

The death of the lovely Rodney Bewes, of Likely Lads fame, got me wondering what Bob and Terry would be up to if they were around today.

So with all due respect to the comedy geniuses Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais .

When misogynist comments are hidden in pages adorned with boobs, readers don’t care – say it on the street, however, and they suddenly do.

In the most alarming of the three experiments carried out, the social psychologists behind the study discovered that 274 American college students couldn’t tell the difference between quotes from lads’ magazines and things rapists have said.

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