Sex themed webcomics

This particular niche in the comics ecosystem has only just developed those bridges to the larger comics landscape, and I don’t think we’ve more than just barely begun to see their potential. This week I finally had a chance to catch up and complete it and all I can say is that this is one of the best uses of the Internet for comics that I’ve seen.Which brings me to one of the best webcomics I have read. Ari’s art is colorful watercolor-like washes, with a vertical scroll and a lot of white space.Eric’s vlogs on his hockey life is cute and adorable and the comic had me at that shelf full of sriracha. It’s one of those odd paranormal fantasy story with a bit of shady underground politics and some UST (unresolved sexual tension) in between.Forget the witty title because it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this comic is all about.It could, of course, be reformatted for print, as was, but the larger, more open format of the online page, means that you can enjoy the details that fill up your screen, and not lose any of it.Often chapters comes with an original soundtrack, which you can listen to for free on Soundcloud. Set in a future Earth, where virtual reality allows for body modification, gaming, communication – humans are working in deep seas and space- the people who populate are indeed quite human.Everyone knows that every hot exorcist is in need of a hot devil.

Louis’ teenage life is not peachy but it’s charming to see him make the most out of it with his mates and his new friend, Daniel. Daniel helps to make things a little lighter, making Louis’ smile precious.

This really added to the atmosphere of every chapter. Designer Sunati meets college student Austen, and they fall in love.

While the story is primarily romance, it’s a romance that doesn’t isolate Austen or Sunati.

No matter how technology changes us, we’ll always be human.” And so they are.

Ratings: Art – 10 Characters – 10 Story – 10 LGBTQ – 10 Service -1 on principle Overall – 10 If you’re looking for a really good webcomic to read, I recommend - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please do not email or comment asking for or posting links to scanlations or fansubs.

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