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Tensions grow high and hearts are tested when Lovino becomes Captain Carriedo's personal prisoner...Len Kagamine is stuck in a complicated, abusive relationship with his mother- and he will do everything he can to keep it hidden from his sister and his band members. AU Hetalia A pair of skates is fairly important for a skater. But what if they stumbled upon a street filled with love hotels? Spa Mano, Fr Uk, Pru Can, Ro Chu, Giri Key and Neth Pol. Victor insisted in following Yuri to Shinjuku to get a new pair...All of the characters that I used in my stories were not mine. After having a disconcerting dream involving the Bishop, Teito is forced to realise how much he thinks about him. Name: Yuki Fuyuhiko (Facebook) (You Tube)It would be great to have friends around, who could lend a hand here and there."Lovino Vargas knew a lot about duty." His Grandfather's swollen empire puts all of his family in danger, the other gangs are massing, the police are on their tails and Lovino is given a bodyguard in one Antonio Carriedo. It ensures the safety of the skater as the skater skids through the cold ice. 0.0Teito becomes intrigued in a book that was given to him by Frau.

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Despite the horrors that he experiences, Lovino has his own reason to survive, and he will not give up until he finds what he is looking for.please see me, as whom I am meant to be…" - The line Kaito fell in love with so much that he want to married the one who sing it.But what will happen if he didn't see 'her' as who 'she' meant to be?The solution: a new kitten that his boss doesn't want. We believed they did good, and only harmed the evil ones. But can one remember all of his past when his past, is no more? With a neighbour who Yoh soon becomes attracted to, will Yoh succeed as a nanny? Haoxyoh oneshot, song fic, twincest, angst AU jeanne is a princess,her parents are murdered by marco,now she has to travel with hao her only guide to king yoh asakura to save her kingdom.summary inside hao Xjeanne R and R please! With ghost possessions, ESP and PK, a widow, and a town full of psychics can Naru and SPR finish this case or be left spooked? [HY HR and so on...]Time changes everything.1 year has passed since Hao won the shaman fight and took Yoh as his prize. a computer with an email address but they never suspected the evil girl would give their address to many fangirls too!Just as he gets used to this cat, a new challenge is thrown at him. Follow Lovino on his weird and, well, at least quite interesting trip around Europe in order to find out some of the greatest secrets ever about himself, Europe, tomato-shaped alarm clocks and the past of his lovely, but complicated Spanish partner. Hao, her former husband a thousand years ago or Ren, her new found love whom she met a couple of weeks ago? But a woman brought to the Order will show them other wise. [AU Vampfic] Yoh has progressed in his training as a shaman he goes to visit his father in Seattle for advance training. Hao’s pushed Yoh to the point of breaking and the only thing holding him together are his friends. Now these poor people deal with their at a time!

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