Single springer seat

Your life depends on your forks regardless of the style, type or design you finally select.Always remember to take anything you see or read in a chopper magazine with a grain of salt.At one time we were building rigid forks over sixty inches long that actually functioned fairly well since they were very flexible but in order to provide effective cushioning rigid forks need to be on bikes having extreme amounts of rake with relatively low steering neck heights.Telescopic, also called hydraulic, forks are mounted on about 95% of all modern motorcycles today and in operation function like a pair of giant oil-dampened Pogo sticks held together by the upper and lower fork trees.There is no such thing as a perfect front end for a chopper and no matter how radical the frame is configured or what type of forks are used there will be proponents and detractors for each configuration.What is acceptable riding and handling characteristics for one rider will be totally unacceptable for another.The market for aftermarket and custom hydraulic fork systems is huge and there are literally hundreds of different tree-fork combinations that you can buy ranging from low-end stock assemblies to complete custom fabrications costing about as much as an entire stock bike.Springers have been around for about eighty years and first appeared on bicycles but when we think of a Springer today we conjure up mental images of either the old stock Harley forks or the long narrow custom chopper forks that became popular in the late sixties.

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Whenever you hear somebody bad-mouth a girder its usually because the particular set of forks in question were designed for a specific bike or frame and then adapted, unmodified, to a new frame that has slightly different geometry.

These forks are generally very clean and graceful in appearance and it is not unusual to see the handlebars built as a continuation of the forks themselves.

Credit generally goes to John Harman for inventing the Spirder back in the seventies but.

I am no fork expert by any stretch of the imagination but over the years Ive logged a lot of miles on various bikes having a wide variety of fork systems so I think that Im at least a little qualified to make some general observations but I urge the readers to seek out the advice of professional fork builders before just going out and slapping any old e Bay bargain to the front of their bikes.

There are some facts and then there are also some myths about front-end systems that just dont ever seem to die.

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