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They will keep you around just in case they get lonely, or something falls through with someone else. You can just be friends with a chance of interest to get stashed away as a potential romance. I wonder how many great relationships are sacrificed because of antiquated views and attitudes towards women's age and their fertility levels.

Let me elaborate with an example that a member, recently shared. They went on a couple of dates and things seem to be going swimmingly well.

I am sure that scenario, or a variation of it, has happened with couples.I’m sure that the stumbled-upon realization I experienced also occurs.Either way, there are simple ways to explain what it is, what it isn’t, and some straightforward steps to apply its concepts to your sex life.If you're unsure what the term "stashing" means, it's exactly what it sounds like. You've never been to an office party or met co-workers.In the world of Asian dating, it refers to someone keeping you an almost secret. You don't go to places where you're likely to run into anyone mentioned above.

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