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This is either the last lunge of something that should’ve died a long time ago or the start of something new. D0wnload: MP3: MP3: Honorable Mention: Big Krit –ADDICTIVE HOUSE V62 - DECEMBER 2011 01 - Sunday Girl - Love U More (Them Jeans Remix) 02 - Tom Fall feat. ) All my homeboys, 2.0 Boys Nickle, I just picked up a Phantom, look how it rolls, Royce! Even if I wanted to quit, I ain’t got no choice Verses keep comin’, I should invoice my own voice You should see the kind of asses that my pole hoist Hoes be like diamonds in your chain, man, so moist Bang bang, bang bang, House Gang, chainsaw Here to kill you pussies, don’t ask what we came for I write ’til my right arm veins sore Forearm feel like Thor’s arm in a gang war You hear that (YAOWA), you know who finna file out Definitively finish you, my fist stick out that eyeball Piranha mentality wit’ a Jaws bite all night Comin’ up, never saw light, but never lost sight (Joe Budden) Jets and movers, cesspoolers, meth abusers You step to us, text Rugers to respect the shooters My men think in sync, roll with the best crew Move to the beat of the same drum without Lex Luger Welcome to Nayhood, big in the ‘jects, G Cheated death multiple times without riggin’ the deck So I’m well-prepped if you just want war There’ll be blood everywhere, you be layin’ on the Louboutin floor It’s raw, you keepin’ actin’ like you don’t know Mouse, nigga And you gon’ need the best doctors, House, nigga Guard your jewels and avoid large tools ‘Cause after I spill you at the light, you be in a car pool Keep your distance from idiots, ’cause the truth told They food for thought’s rotten, they gems are fool’s gold Need results from my actions, mistakes I’ll exonerate I’m Martin King starin’ at a picture of Obama’s face Talkin’ funds, niggas ain’t never seen stock I don’t need the key to the game, I pick a mean lock Must be outta your mind, you think you fuckin’ with us Suck on these nuts, bitch, hang it up, this game is over (Crooked I) Takeoff You invited inside of the mind of a psychotic rhymer I’m kind of a (Dahmer! Download: ZIP: ZIP: – [] Never attempting to match Just Blaze’s bombast from Philadelphia Freeway, Jake One’s beats update format for the post-Dilla era with cracking drums and soul samples that bridge the divide between Ant’s work with Brother Ali and previous State Prop releases. If the beats and rhymes aren’t enough for you then get it for the life. —the shrouded image of Ishmael Butler kicking Black Panther raps over dubstep beats using the alias Palaceer Lazaro — ostensibly, the name of the owner of a Capitol Hill pizza parlor. Yonder Mountain String Band - “Granny Won’t You Smoke Some”70. The Seattle transplant ditches darkly lit BK jazz parlors to absorb the ancient anger of the Wobblies — growling at BBQ’s under wobble bass and heavy low-end. Justin Bieber - “As-Of-Now-Unreleased-But-Probably-Totally-Existent-Song-About-Weed”66. Willie Nelson - “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”67.

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There might be a better Hip-Hop joint this year, but I sincerely doubt there’ll be one that’s more fun to root for.

Jwaydan - Untouchable (Original Mix) 03 - Steve Forte Rio feat.

Lindsey Ray - Slumber (Original Mix) 04 - Dinka Ft.

Somewhere in grail quest, Lazoro/Butterfly/Butler discovered the post-Underground blueprint and uses it to pelt listeners with cryptic slang and unmasked anger.

Amounted together, the twin EP’s result to the sound of chaos, the Bomb Squad broken to bits and re-built to provide a sonic template to match bleak industry realities.

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