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and it’s also possible that DLL file won’t be your Window’s or Internet Explorer’s internal file too.TIP: Removing the Add-ons or Toolbars can help you to quickly fix this problem.The virus can be the main reason for this error to get stuck on your computer’s screen and it’s always better to use a best in class Antivirus in your computer if your computer is suffering from this kind of appcrash problem.So, now I want to you to perform a full system virus scan on your computer by using your computer’s Antivirus Software and before doing the system scan, first, you’ll have to make sure that your system’s antivirus is recently updated.After putting that file name on Google I’ve found that it’s an important Windows file which is corrupted by whatever the reason is.So, I do solve this problem by just doing some Windows or IExplore repairing stuff which I’ll all listed down here in this tutorial. Besides that it’s possible that your error will show you the different file names which is like “asw Web Rep IE.dll” or some etc.

To fix your browser you can continue to follow the instruction given in the Condition No.2 (right after this paragraph) and I hope that will fix your problem.

In case, If you don’t have any antivirus installed in your computer or maybe your installed antivirus is too blind to see viruses, then the first thing what you’ll need to do is to buy a world class antivirus for your PC, which is more than necessary.

Nowadays Antivirus are a lot cheaper than as it was before and if you’re looking to install one of the best antivirus in you PC at the affordable price tag, than Avast is one of the best in their kind.

So, you can understand it easily, and make sure you try all the steps one by one until you’ve fix your problem by your own.

The thing which I love about this error is that this appcrash will normally show you the file name which is creating this problem by just clicking on “View problem details” and it will expand the error message and you’ll able to see every single detail about that appcrash and that file name too.

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