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When a patrol officer shoots an unarmed man after a jewelry store robbery, a mob forms in front of the precinct.

The team struggles to figure out the truth quickly, but they are hindered because Mac, Flack, and the officer are trapped in the station.

The show follows the investigations of a team of NYPD forensic scientists and police officers identified as "Crime Scene Investigators" (instead of the actual title of "Crime Scene Unit Forensic Technicians" (CSU)) as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths, as well as other crimes.

The series is an indirect spin-off from the veteran series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and a direct spin-off from CSI: Miami, during an episode in which several of the CSI: NY characters made their first appearances. Originally in 2004, CSI: NY was produced in partnership with the Canadian media company Alliance Atlantis.

The company dissolved after season three in 2007, and all production after that was done under the purview of CBS Paramount Television.

The show was filmed at the CBS Studio Center, with many of the outside scenes shot in and around Los Angeles.

Later, Mac asks Christine to marry him and she accepts.

) is an American police procedural television series that ran on CBS from September 22, 2004, to February 22, 2013, for a total of nine seasons and 197 original episodes.

Three separate homicide cases relating to romance are handled by the team on Valentine's Day.

She is a savvy investigator, yet she often speaks before she thinks.

Stella leaves New York to head a crime lab in New Orleans and is replaced by Detective Jo Danville.

Meanwhile, Jo becomes curious about Mac's problem with words, and her ruffling leads Mac to warn her to stay out of his personal business.

Flack has a day off and spends most of it dealing with family issues that involve trying to bring his sister to forgive and forget the past between her and their father. The latest victims in a series of murders leads the CSIs to believe the killer is playing a real life game of Clue.

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